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Jerry Skinner, Aviation Attorney, January 16, 20

No photos or media in this blog, too serious.

Within the last week the Administrator of Malaysian Airlines at Kahzanah in Kuala Lumpur announced that the rebranding, rebirth and retasking of flight routes has moved the “new” airline ahead of the curve for it’s planned return to financial success. Too bad. Why? Because that means that more people are filling the seats with more innocent butts. It means that the airline has succeeded by a combination of new flight attendant uniforms, new aircraft liveries and colors, bright and shiney new widebodies and clever media in fooling the public into believing that flight operations are now safer.

Remember MH Flight 370 is still lost. Soon efforts to find it will cease. Remember that MH 17 was shot down because in part the airline operation department did less to analyze threats and risks along routes of flight than your average parent does to check their 4th graders route to school. Who needs to check troop movements, heavy weapons moving to positions enroute, the growing number of other aircraft shot down in the area of their commercial route. That does not even begin to count the signals of danger in the press, diplomatic information, aviation authorities opinions and just plain common sense. A quality lacking at MAS and now at MAB. But more people are flying, isn’t that all that matters?

No, never not in my mind. Ever. The flight attendants from MH17 remain uncompensated. Malaysians, by the economy of their own 1956 national law and the perverse greed of MAS and their European insurers live lives which when forfeited to anothers gross stupidity are worth less than anyone else on the planet. Malaysians, employees, good people need dignity  and ask for so little more that MAS should pay out of shame.

Has this little vignette of greed convinced you that MAS-MAB is indeed safer. Probably an unrelated concern. I grant you that. But consider that since July 17, 2014 when MH 17 was sacrificed to the Russian war effort, at least 8 Malaysian Airlines flights have had to return to airports of departure or divert for emergency landings, usually because of undisclosed technical issues. This all occurred and continues even recently, while flying new A380’s and 787 Dreamliners.

I’m sorry, but serious people who care should run Airlines and when their best efforts fail, they should take care of their own with grace and gratitude. So you guys keep counting the beans and stiffing the families. Eventually I hope you all find honest work




Jerry Skinner, Aviation Attorney, October 11, 2016

From a short summary prepared by the JIT on September 28, 2016:

JIT: Flight MH17 was shot down by a BUK missile from a farmland near Pervomaiskyi – Openbaar Ministerie

Justice….Next Month?

   Hope grows ! Doesn’t it?


Jerry Skinner. LHD Lawyers, Sydney, Aviation Attorney, August 24, 2016

Two recent news articles have caught my eye. I do watch and it is the first news on MH 17 which I have seen in many months.

First, the MSM (main stream media) reports that the nations involved in the MH 17 tragedy have all been talking. No bad after 2+ years of silence. Progress has been made in talks with Russia. Really?  My 33 family members have heard nothing from the Russian Bear and justice will not be served by diplomats talking if the grieving family members are left out.

Second, Malaysia just this week announced that it would not rest as a nation until justice was served for the dead on MH 17. Again, really? My Malaysian families have been offered settlements without details that you might actually laugh at. Why?  Because the Malaysian government which owned the majority share of Malaysian Airlines Systems, (“MAS”) can hide behind a 1956 (70 years old)  law that places essentially no value on human law while the same government publicly cries out for justice. MAS, Malaysian Government officials and all who will not rest until the dead are honored, you are hypocrites. You want justice, you want to leave a legacy for the lost, change the laws on wrongful death so that Malaysians no longer appear to be worthless and racially discriminated against in your own Courts and by your own imperial acting insurance interests.

Sound harsh? So be it. Justice next month?  No, that it highly unlikely.






Making Law While Being Lawless

Jerome L. Skinner, Aviation Attorney, NSW, Australia, December 16, 2015
There is not much you can say about this, justice is not a very 
powerful motivator among the powerful. On december 16, 2015 Vladimir Putin announced that as a result of parlimentary action Russia would no longer consider itself bound in any way by the actions of the European court of Human Rights ("ECHR"). Now Russia voted to signon and become a member of the European Convention on Human Rights,it did so not under any duress, but probably for appearances rather than reality. It has been sued in that Court by more individuals, groups and othe member nation states than anyone else. far and away.

Mr Putin does not care. By all accounts and in the minds of investigators and informed right thinking people, Russia was clearly resposible for the BUK2/1, 9M38M1 missile that shredded MH 17 at 32,000 feet on July 17, 2015. That missile placed 100's of ferrous, bow tie and square shaped shrapnel into the bodies of the pilot, co-pilot and purser. It cut the nose off the Boeing 777. All 298 oj board died horribles deaths. That included 80 children. There is only one Court of justice where Mr. Putin and the Russian Federation could be held accountable. That's right, the ECHRs the Court that Russian lawmakers just unilaterally legislated out of significance. They passed a law stating that they were allowed to be lawless, unjust, unaccountable and ruthless. 

Where are the outcries of the governments whose children and productive citizens were murdered by blunt force, freezing, suffocating, the serverence of body parts and probably terror. This blogger has asked for assitance to hold Russia accountable. The Australians, the Dutch and the Malaysian governments have better things to do. They can not get involved with private interests, even those seeking jutice, while they live and serve by virtue of the tax dollars of private interests. Thanks. Big talk, no spine.

Let me finish..... the Russians built the missile, the Russians drove it into the Ukraine, the Russians shot the missile which has a 99 to 100% kill rate, the Russians killed 298 by-standers who lived half the world away from the Ukraine, the Russian destroyed radar data that the accident investigation needed, the Russian failed to make any contribution to most of the investigation, the Russian hacked the investigators computer system, the Russians publicaly called the investigators biased liars, and now as a final insult they have legislated and declared by executive authority that the human rights convention that they signed cannot be used against them by the Court charge with that duty.

Will some government stand up to help? Will some government crawl over to Mr. Putin and beg.

We'll see. It ain't over until the fat Russian opera star sings.

It’s a Bird, it’s a plane…No! It is a new problem!

screen shot 2015-11-05 at 10.25.42 amJerry Skinner, Aviation Attorney, published November 11, 2014

Stunning! Improbable! Real! Terrifying?Think about MH 370, MH 17, Russia’s MetroAir and others……. This technology in the wrong hands, radical lone wolf or radical group adds a personal aspect to terror that is chilling.

A wonderful dream come true, but what will the minds of men use it for, good or evil?  Look at the video at: jetman dubai at youtube

Haze, Fog, No it’s Smoke

 image.adapt.960.high.Haze_gal_3_091415Posted by Jerry Skinner, Aviation Attorney, LHD Lawyers, Sydney, NSW  AU., September 26, 2015

The deliberate force burning in Indonesia to clear forested land for development is a regular event in the region every year. The picture above is a stock photo and does not come close to the density of today’s mess. It is deliberate, it is deadly and it is done with 100% self interest no matter the impact on others.

It is very much like the environment around the family victims of MAS flight 17.

Malaysia Air, the old one, the one in receivership, the one that just announced that they will be brand new just next year. That one, it is disappearing so fast that it’s remaining shell is like a bubble. What about it’s  Montreal 1999 liability to the victims families. If you are one of those families and your not doing anything about your rights you are sitting on the fragile bubble of malaysia Air’s existence and time limitation. And some of you think you are being threatened or lied to. It all depends on which company representative you are talking to. Local rep.’s say if you have been offered money and you sign the release you will lose your rights against Russia and the Ukraine. MAS insurance higher ups say “au contrare”. take the money let us go and you can have Russia and etc. Really then why do the releases all contain a clause that releases Santa Clause, Donald Trump, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as well as the rest of the breathing world?

The Russians, to be precise Vladimir Putin all the way down the line to Ukrainian all-star freedom fighter or life taker Igor “Girkin” Strelnikov, have vetoed the UN Tribunal  and will not cooperate, let me repeat, will not cooperate with any tribunal formed by a treaty between the effected nation states, Australia, The Netherland etc. You have got to be meaner than that, stronger than that, more daring than that. Putin is not going to stop riding horses shirtless, threatening Georgian peasants, conquering the Eastern Ukraine or claiming to own the North Pole if you do not become serious about a united, inclusing the families, big, noisy effort to get them to the table or sue them in every international court available and hold a press conference everyday.  Oh yes, lots, and lots of social media that is read in Russia too.

Right now the airline, who might as well have put a sign on MAS  Flight 17 saying “shoot me” is just blowing billows of thick nasty smoke. The “shooters”  and aiders and abettors of the shooters are busy trying to burn every part of the world they want to claim is theirs. The US, Australia,The Netherland, Germany  you need to get together with the families and their legal representative, who have some good ideas,  and blow the smoke and haze away, It’s killing the families slowly while you debate. We have asked you to join with us, in some cases numerous times, you pass us off as privateers seeking self interest. Pan Am 103 is striking evidence to the contrary. Wake up be fore we all choke, the good guys here need unity.

The First Shot…. Not the last!

Jerry Skinner, Special Counsel with LHD Lawyers, Sydney, NSW, AU,  July 19, 2015pollen_1

I am an American. But, I actually work in Australia. I travel anywhere there is work to be done, but again home base is LHD Lawyers in Sydney, not Sidney, Ohio, but Sydney NSW, AU. When I think of “First Shots” it’s Lexington and Concord that come to mind. No matter the location, I am still red, white and blue. But there is a new war, a war to add value to the lost lives of every passenger on board Malaysian Airline Flight 17 which was shot down over the Ukraine on July 17, 2014. 298 souls were lost that day and in keeping with the low value placed upon human life by many political and social factors operating in the world today, Malaysia Air wants the families to settle for $50,000 or less in some circumstances. Now, I am a Plaintiff’s lawyer and despite some persons belief that my function has little value, I believe that what I do helps the families dignify the life they have lost and answer questions in circumstances that seem to have no meaning or dignity. I do all I can for my clients, even when there is little of true value that you can do. It is always too late to bring back the lost love that has been suffered.

So, on Friday LHD and I fired the first shot in the battle for dignity in the long conflict over the lost victims of MHA 17. A Summons was filed in the NSW Supreme Court asking for a clear and complete declaration of the damages which Australian Plaintiffs could recover for their lost loved ones. Malaysian Airlines and their representative have not been clear or complete. One year has passed and they still want to discuss Advance Compensation Payments. If paying for travel costs and funerals is advanced after one year than Malaysia Airlines is severely developmentally delayed. The first shot is never the last, there are plenty more to come.